Elephantology: The study of what’s big and lurking in the room to which no-one is paying any attention.

What kind of science can handle that? How can we investigate it, when by definition we will have to do it whilst not noticing that it’s there? How can we organise it, when even though we might individually have an inkling that it’s there, we can’t discuss it?

And the elephant-in-the-room isn’t small. Well it wouldn’t be, if we could see it. It often turns out to be the very thing that…… if only we could study it, investigate it, talk about it …. is the key to making progress with our other        – ologies.

Maybe blurting it out might be the way to get going. Blurting to materialise the elephant-in-the-room followed by blogging to bring it into focus.

So here goes …. my first Elephantological blurt is ………….Ontology

Next comes the blog.

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