When is enough enough?

How can I tell if I am writing a blog or tweet or an essay or…You see once I get writing I seem to get carried away with it and it tends to go on and on and. (160 characters – a tweet)

My friend and guide Tim Taylor told me a blog I’m writing is too long at 1600 words. ‘It’s a blog!’ he said. So I set off to abbreviate it. Now there’s nothing wrong with being concise but as a child I became speechless because of a worsening stutter when I was ten and not only did I overcome it but I haven’t stopped to draw a breath since then. My remaining friends would confirm that. Staffrm asks for 500 words for a blog. To me that’s a macrotweet. My book, coming out in the New Year, was aimed at 60,000. My friend has one chapter in his book-in-progress of 30,000 words. When I reply to a tweet I feel it’s impossible to have a conversation and if you can’t draw up a chair and pour the tea what’s the point in trying.

What do you think as a writer? Can a blog be anything from a macrotweet to an essay or even a book chapter?

What do you think as a reader? Do you get bored after three seconds/160 characters so everything that comes after is just a waste of time? Are some writers entitled to write longer pieces because of who they are? Do you always read what is written all the way to the end out of respect for the author (or not)?

I’d be very interested to know what you think but how will I know?

In 160 characters or in your next book, up to you. (299 words)







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