Focusing on solutions

Is this site for you?

It is if you’re working with people of any age, who’ve got any kind of problem.

How can this site help you?

By supporting your Solution Focused practice and your finding out about how the SF approach can increase your capacity to help.

Supposing you’d like to find out more, where do you go next?

Click this link, it’ll take you there!


One response to “Focusing on solutions”

  1. Tim Meek says:

    Hi Geoff,

    I work in SEN with autistic students, some of which display difficult behaviour. I am really interested to hear more about your solution-focused enquiry approach as I think I am already implementing some of it (simply because it was clear ‘normal’ techniques were not working with some of my students so I had to adapt) but I would like to formalise it a bit more. Your work sounds very interesting and it would be great to discuss how I might learn more about it so as to help the teachers handle students with the kinds of behaviour challenges the articles in the Guardian describe.

    Hope to hear form you.

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