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I first met the idea of the solution-focused approach to solving problems when I was working on my Ph.D. At the time I was teaching science in a pupil referral unit and working as a behaviour support teacher.  I was looking for an approach to students’  behaviour that was more effective and somehow more human than the psychological behaviourism that dominated our work.

Researching and practicing at the same time has made a big difference to me and to the many people I’ve met and worked with. I’ve taken the solution-focused approach into many situations to see how robust it is in the face of very different problems that confront people.

I have supported individuals and teams with direct support and training in education, mental health, social work, management, alcohol and substance misuse and team building.

I’ve a book  ‘Transforming behaviour in the classroom; a guide to the solution focused approach’ due out in February 2016 published by SAGE.


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  1. Hi Geoff,

    I work in SEN with autistic students, some of which display difficult behaviour. I am really interested to hear more about your solution-focused enquiry approach as I think I am already implementing some of it (simply because it was clear ‘normal’ techniques were not working with some of my students so I had to adapt) but I would like to formalise it a bit more. Your work sounds very interesting and it would be great to discuss how I might learn more about it so as to help the teachers handle students with the kinds of behaviour challenges the articles in the Guardian describe.

    Hope to hear form you.

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