Being solution-focused

Geoff James coverThanks for visiting and a warm welcome to you.

When a problem crops up what do you want to do with it? I’d guess you want the solution to happen as soon as possible and the problem to disappear. So why spend time and energy talking about something you don’t want, when you could get quickly to the solution?

Being solution focused means paying attention to where you are and hope to get to rather than where you’ve been. It means looking for what’s already working and on your strengths and resources that brought success. It’s an approach to problem-solving that works, whether it’s an individual, team or organisational solution that’s needed.

I call my solution-focused work solution-support. It is a practical application of the solution focused approach, how to do it, where to apply it, and incidentally staying calm and assured in the most difficult situations.

Being solution focused is at the heart of everything on this site. The solution focused approach is internationally recognised and has a clear framework. It makes the most of what’s already working and grows the seeds of success to achieve best hopes for the future in the shortest possible time.

Geoffrey James – September 2015